Welcome to ED-LAM Industrial Contracting

Ed-Lam Industrial Contracting is an Alberta based industrial contracting firm specializing in new plant construction projects, plant renovations and plant maintenance.  We have a 14,500 square foot shop located on 2.25 acres close to Highway 15 in Fort Saskatchewan - Alberta's Industrial Heartland.

Since being incorporated in 1982, Ed-Lam Industrial Contracting has constantly striven to improve all aspects of company operations.  Ed-Lam has completed a wide range of projects in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia.

Ed-Lam offers a variety of welding procedures for pressure piping, spool fabrication and vessel fabrication/alterations in our shop and in the field.  We are Canadian Welding Bureau certified to CSA Standard W47.1 for the fabrication and installation of structural steel.

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